This achievement has been defined in order to cultivate microalgae and use it in various industries with the aim of localizing micro-algae production technology on a macro scale in Iran. Products produced by this collection are in line with biological products and have various applications in various fields such as human nutrition supplements, livestock and poultry food supplements, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and pharmaceutical industries. The system is made up of an Open Raceway Pond type; the body is lightweight and of polyethylene. The total volume of the system is 1500 liters. In this system, the flow of fluid containing microalgae is driven by a blade and the mixing is done appropriately. One of the most important special features of this product is its low cost, high culture and high quality control compared to other algae systems (one gram of biomass will be harvested per liter).

It has a length of 1.3 meters and width of 4.1 meters and a height of 40 cm with controlled pH, temperature and concentration is from 33/0 kW electric motor with adjustable RPM is used.