The raceway ponds are extensive farming systems that require large sunny tracts, so these are plants that occupy large areas. The ponds were made of Plexiglas acrylic sheets. It is a transparent plastic material of 0.6 cm wide and is easy to use. The ponds were assembled over one wood structure. Raceway pond in this work consists of 4 corridors. The illuminated area of culture is 0.383 m2.

The lighting system objective is to simulate the sunlight in outdoor cultures. For this reason, the lamps must offer intensity and color temperature similar to daylight. This system consists of two lamps with cool white fluorescent lamp (Pars, 36W, FPL).

There are two paddle wheels made of Plexiglas and fixed to the same axle. The axle is leant on two bearings in the structure. The movement is produced by an electric motor (70 W, 12 V and 5 A). The speed is controlled, from 17 to 20 rpm. The movement is transmitted from the motor to the axle by a drive belt. Out of pilot plant, in the culture tests, an air compressor like supply of O2 was used. Air is supplied by plastic pipes with a regulator (valve).