Microalgae of the highest quality, grown in covered raceway ponds with sunlight in controlled aquaculture. During the harvest, the Spirulina algae are dehydrated and dried gently. This process preserves valuable ingredients such as vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Spirulina powder is suitable as high-quality feed for algae eating fish, dwarf shrimp, corals, as well as a health-promoting additive for pet food and farm animal feed. Spirulina is also used as a BARF diet supplement for dogs and as an additive to horse feed. The microalgae Spirulina contains 60 - 70% vegetable protein as well as a wide range of vital minerals and trace elements. Due to the extremely high content of carotenoids, phycocyanin, vitamin B12, and iron, Spirulina powder positively promotes animal health. This product does not contain ingredients that require labeling of genetically modified organisms.

Spirulina is an edible microalgae and a highly nutritious potential feed resource for many agriculturally important animal species. Research findings have associated Spirulina to improvements in animal growth, fertility, aesthetic and nutritional product quality. Spirulina intake has also been linked to an improvement in animal health and welfare. Its influence over animal development stems from its nutritive and protein-rich composition, thus leading to an increased commercial production to meet consumer demand. Consequently, Spirulina is emerging as a cost- effective means of improving animal productivity for a sustainable and viable food security future.


  • 100% Spirulina platensis powder
  • For fish, shrimp, corals, and zooplankton
  • As additive for horse feed and dog food
  • Feed additive only for animals
  • High quality and high purity